Vaccine storage monitoring from iSocket

iSocket Refrigerator Power and Temperature Control Device

iSocket has been a trusted solution for remote temperature and power control in commercial freezers for years, and the new iSocket is better than ever! See how easy it is to build a monitoring system for your vaccine refrigerator to monitor temperature and power remotely. Receive instant text, voice and email alerts for pharmacy refrigerator power outages or storage temperature changes.

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Watch a short video about iSocket fridge monitoring device

This video shows how easy it is to create a remote refrigerator temperature and power monitoring system using iSocket.


Appliance Appliance's switch Wall socket Fuse box Plug Socket (Outlet) iSocket Current flow POWER ONLINE OUT

iSocket for monitoring a power failure to your pharmacy and vaccine refrigerators or freezers

Plug iSocket along with your fridge or freezer. Do not plug the fridge into iSocket. Current flows from the wall socket into your fridge and iSocket too.

Fridge in another room - power failure scenario, iSocket texting power cut notifications

Your refrigerator and iSocket located in different rooms

You can install iSocket in another room as long as iSocket and your refrigerator are on the same electrical network. Current flows from the fuse box into the wall socket of the fridge and then to the fridge, it also flows from the same fuse box into iSocket. Make sure both wall sockets are powered from the same breaker!

Power failure alerts for your medical grade or other refrigerators and freezers

When electricity from the fuse box is interrupted and stops flowing to both wall sockets, you will receive a power loss notification. You can configure text, voice and email alerts on your iSocket IoT Portal account. You can set up power outage notifications for an unlimited number of phone numbers and email boxes. You don't need Wi-Fi! When the electricity goes out Wi-Fi fails too. iSocket is a reliable solution based on reliable mobile communications. We invented this technology many years ago and iSocket is the #1 solution for this kind of monitoring in the world.

Notification power failure

iSocket for vaccine storage temperature monitoring and power failure detection

Plug iSocket along with your medical fridge. Do not plug the fridge into iSocket. Provide the sensor inside your vaccine refrigerator. You are now monitoring the temperature of your vaccine refrigerator together with controlling your vaccine refrigerator for power losses. Damage can be caused by accidental disconnection of the plug of the refrigerator by unauthorized persons or damage to the fridge itself, or if someone did not close the door of the fridge properly. Remote temperature control will help detect these problem even if the power supply in the building is okay.

Temperature Alerts iSocket Temperature Sensor

Vaccine refrigerator failure scenario

If someone unplugs the power cord of the fridge, or the cord is damaged, or the refrigerator's motor breaks down, the temperature inside will rise. The sensor will detect this and you will receive notifications by text, call or email. And you don't need Wi-Fi! iSocket is a mobile standalone solution that runs on a highly reliable cellular network. You receive temperature notifications regardless of Wi-Fi. Keep in mind - for this setup the power must be present! But if it is not you will receive notifications about the power outage anyway.

Temperature rises ALERT iSocket Temperature Sensor

iSocket® Historical Temperature Data for Auditors

This feature provides you historical temperature data for your vaccine storage for auditors.

Temperature Data Logger

  • Monitor your vaccine fridge operation
  • Control vaccine storage temperature
  • Minimize vaccine loss and disruptions to businesses
  • Select a period of the temperature data collection most suitable for you
  • Export historical temperature data
  • See temperatures on a chart for selected period

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iSocket Historical Temperature Data Logger for your vaccine storage for auditors