Meet new iSocket!

It looks like the same smart plug you've known for last ten plus years, but it is Plug-and-Go now, since 2021. As before, it sends notifications about power outages, monitors the temperature in your freezers, notifies about water leaks in your basement, smoke in your storage, gas leakage in your RV, break-in to your cottage, can reboot your cameras, servers, modems, routers... and more... But the way it does it now is more convenient, reliable as never before, enterprise optimized, financially optimized and just stylish.

Watch a short video about the power outage notifications feature of the new Plug-and-Go iSocket®

Vaccine storage monitoring from iSocket

Control vaccine storage temperature and power outages to your medical fridge. Learn how to get prompt alerts when there is a power failure or temperature rise.

iSocket power outage alarm device for North America

Plug-and-Go iSocket®

What does this mean? It literally means plug and go! No more problems with SIM cards, no complicated configurations - everything works out of the box for your convenience, whether you are an individual or a corporate client. You only need to plug it in. It does the same things as before - and even more, only in a better, yet, cost efficient way!

  • Text, call, email when power fails or is restored

    Unlimited amount of numbers and emails for power outage alerts now.

  • Power on/off remotely

    This feature was a standard for iSocket since 2010.

  • Temperature monitoring features updated

    Perfect solution for vaccine storage monitoring.

  • Flood alarm and other monitorings

    Detects water leakage with iSocket Water Sensor, fire, breaks-in, gas leak with accessories.

  • Energy meter

    You've been asking for this feature, and here it is! Only your imagination limits what problems you can solve with this energy metering feature of iSocket now.

  • Progressive Web App

    Now you can manage iSocket from any device - either computer or your phone.

Over Cellular Network

As before, iSocket works over the mobile network, but now the connection is integrated! You don't need Wi-Fi, you don't need to have all the trouble finding a provider, do complicated configurations and other problems related to SIM cards. You just plug it in and it works! Anywhere in the world. Integrated connectivity uses modern mobile technologies that are here to stay for many years. You don't need to think in terms of technologies anymore - just use iSocket. Trust us, we invented this power monitoring solutions when no one had them and have been providing this for over 10 years.

The only smart plug you'll ever need - iSocket

Basically, we took our ten plus years of experience and customers feedback and put it into a one awesome piece of hardware with an incredible control panel. We've named the new hardware simply iSocket and the control panel - iSocket World IoT Portal.

Trusted by thousands

For more than a decade, we have earned a reputation for providing the world's most reliable power outage monitoring systems. We have also earned the trust of our partners.

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I would suggest that it is the best solution for power outage monitoring available on the market.

Nick, United Kingdom

This looks like an awesome device - for instance if you are alerted of a power cut, you ring your power company. If no faults can be traced, you can bet someone has cut your power for evil reasons. Or maybe you go out a lot and forget to turn on your electric blanket. Send a text and you’ll come home to a nice warm bed. You can even control the lights when you’re away.

Kram Nacnud, New Zealand

Excellent overall product. The plastic construction of the device is first class, sturdy plastic with perfect fit and finish. The instruction manual is expansive, 26 pages, which is welcome given many products come with no manuals today. Customer service at iSocket is very good as well, so this is a great product to solve a common problem of remote server or router reboot.

Joe, USA

After returning from a 10 day holiday to find the power out and the contents of the fridge and freezers ruined, I decided to look for some kind of alarm/alert product and came across iSocket. I was delighted with the service. Truly a quality product. Now if I get a text to say the power is off I can call my sister to investigate. Impressive!

Martyn Uridge, United Kingdom

Power outages have always been the main problem that iSocket addressed. So it has remained so far! "Forewarned is forearmed" was our motto since 2010. Sending you a prompt and reliable power outage notifications - this is what we do.

Power outages today


700 passengers walk along tracks after Tokyo trains suspended by power cut

About 700 passengers on Tokyu Railways Co.'s Den-en-toshi Line had to get off a train and walk along the tracks to the nearest station because of a power outage caused by a substation glitch. Power outages also occurred on Tokyu's Oimachi Line and between Shibuya and Kiyosumi-shirakawa stations on Tokyo Metro's Hanzomon Line, which connects directly with the Den-en-toshi Line, affecting a total of approximately 180,000 passengers.

Whopping six-hour power failure

Power cuts in South Africa have intensified, with the most industrialized state on the continent having to cut electricity for six hours every day. Anger is mounting over the sweeping measures, caused by failures of ageing and poorly maintained infrastructure. Andre de Ruyter, the boss of state-owned Eskom, announced a series of planned outages in the coming week. Urging South Africans to use electricity sparingly, he called for office lights to be turned off at night, and for swimming pool pumps and water heaters to be turned off during peak hours.

Bangladesh faces power failure after national grid fails

Large swaths of Bangladesh left without electricity after a grid failure, a government official said, adding that authorities were working to gradually restore the power supply in the country of 168 million people. Almost 75-80 percent of the country were affected by the failure.

Power cuts due to energy crisis in Greece

There are nearly zero chances that the energy crisis will lead to power cuts, Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas said on Tuesday, talking to the private broadcaster Skai, ANA reports. Skrekas said that no bonus will be given for decreasing natural gas consumption as this would be hard to calculate for apartment blocks with shared central heating systems